Ag Transportation Illinois

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Where Can I Find Ag Transportation in Illinois?

Stoller Trucking specializes in shipping solutions for food grade, feed grade, dry, liquid, and bulk products when you need ag transportation in Illinois. We provide fast and on-time delivery that keeps your products fresh anywhere in the continental United States. Our fleet of 75 trucks offers an ideal solution to ship your grains, animal feed, heavy farm equipment, seeds, and more! Plus, we offer flexible services that save you money by paying for only the truck space you need. You can choose from full truckload (FTL) shipments that ship up to 45,000 pounds or ship less with less than truckload (LTL) or partial truckload services.

Since 1997, our family-owned, Illinois-based trucking company has partnered with farms to help them grow and thrive. So, ship with Stoller Trucking today by emailing us at or using our online contact form to request a free estimate. We serve ag customers throughout Illinois, including ones in Peoria IL, Springfield IL, Rockford IL, and elsewhere.

Ag Transportation Illinois

Which Companies Offer Shipping for Ag Liquids?

Our company can help if you need to ship non-toxic liquid products such as fruit juices, milk, wine, and more! Stoller Trucking offers convenient and affordable liquid tanker trucking services. Our trucks are equipped with all the special items needed to make loading and unloading quick, simple, and easy. So, we can haul your alcoholic beverages, essential oils, vegetable oils, molasses, and other items when you need ag transportation in Illinois. Rely on the team preferred by more Illinois farmers for over 25 years. Choose Stoller Trucking today to ship your ag liquids with better rates than you will get by rail, air, or sea!

Searching for Affordable Bulk Transport?

Stoller Trucking provides cost-efficient shipping solutions for bulk agricultural products as well. We are an ideal partner to haul your seeds, grains, edible powders, animal feed, and other unpackaged ag products. With us, you always receive shipping solutions geared to keep your goods protected from theft and the elements. We use enclosed, stainless-steel trailers that keep your loads safe from thieves and the weather. Plus, we use dedicated trailers for kosher and non-kosher products to prevent cross contamination. When you need bulk transport, choose Stoller Trucking, a reliable partner for ag transportation in Illinois.

Looking for Dry Van Trucking Services?

We offer quick and timely shipping services for heavy farm equipment, parts, and other packaged farm goods with our dry van trucking solutions. So, get what your farm needs when you need it with our reliable delivery services. Avoid unnecessary delays that come with longer delivery windows provided by air, rail, or sea carriers. Stoller Trucking takes the hassle out of the shipping process with our dependable ag transportation in Illinois.

Search for Top Truck Driving Jobs in Illinois

Do not miss out on your chance to join one of the fastest growing trucking companies in Illinois! From Chicago to Peoria to Springfield and beyond, Stoller Trucking can help you grow your career with great compensation, routes, and freedom. You can choose whether to join our team as an independent carrier, company driver, or owner operator. That way, you can find exactly what you are looking for when you drive for Stoller Trucking. To get started, fill out our online job application form to gain consideration now.

Ag Transportation Illinois

Get Free Quotes for Ag Transportation in Illinois

Stoller Trucking can provide you with a free estimate if your farm needs fast, affordable, and on-time shipping solutions. We are an ideal partner to help grow your agribusiness in the future. Contact us today by calling 309-308-1630. If you prefer, you can also reach us online through our contact form or through email at We are a local, family-owned, Illinois business dedicated to partnering with farmers like you to keep our state’s proud agricultural tradition growing for generations to come.