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Your Trusted Trucking Company for Bulk Transport in Ohio

While dry van shipping is important for delivering consumer products throughout the country, bulk shipping is essential. Through non-hazardous liquid and bulk transportation, industries receive access to the materials they most need to produce the products we most consume! However, bulk freight shipping requires more training and certification than standard shipping. If you need bulk transport in Ohio or anywhere else in the Midwest, Stoller Trucking can help.

Can Your Industry Use Bulk Shipping?

Yes! Most industrial companies and facilities utilize bulk freight transportation to some degree. At Stoller, you can rely on our drivers to manage any bulk deliveries for non-hazardous products and materials. The industries that most rely on Stoller’s bulk shipping include:

  • Mining & Agriculture – Rather than receiving goods, farms and mines continually need to ship their materials and products to the proper processing facilities. From grain to gravel, our tankers can handle any load from these industries.
  • Manufacturing – Manufacturing facilities rely on bulk transportation to obtain necessary materials and supplies for their production processes in a timely, affordable manner. Without access to high volumes of resources, it would be impossible for these companies to operate.
  • Food & Beverage – When it comes to transporting food and beverage, state regulations are some of the strictest in trucking. As such, only seasoned professionals like Stoller’s can guarantee a secure delivery process. Thanks to our drivers’ training and experience, they know what needs to be done for successful transportation.

The Best Equipment & Drivers for the Job

A Stoller tanker truck ready to provide bulk transport in Ohio

Non-hazardous liquid and bulk freight transport can’t be handled by just any trucker! It takes experienced, certified, skilled drivers to safely transport raw materials and liquid products. Thankfully, Stoller Trucking has the drivers and equipment to handle all bulk transport in Ohio. With our drivers and tankers, you can expect:

  • Experienced Drivers – At Stoller, we ensure certified professionals do all our bulk shipping and delivery. Our tanker drivers undergo extensive training and are legally authorized to transport Kosher and non-Kosher products in large quantities.
  • Convenient Shipping – Tankers are designed to move raw products and materials in their purest form, eliminating the need for wasteful crates, drums or tanks. As a result of this efficient transportation method, you’ll be able to transfer more goods with fewer loads than if you were relying on dry van shipping.
  • Dedicated Tankers – Eliminate the worry of cross-contamination with Stoller’s tankers! We use dedicated tankers for each product we transport and ensure they are carefully cleaned between shipments. This way, you can rest assured that your products are always clean, safe and secure.

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Finding the best trucking company for managing your facility’s bulk transport in Ohio doesn’t have to be complicated! Trust the non-hazardous bulk freight experts at Stoller Trucking. To learn more about our company, request service, or apply for a job with Stoller, call us today at 309-308-1630 or via our contact form or email: info@stollertrucking.com.