Food-Grade Transportation Illinois

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Stoller Trucking Simplifies Food-Grade Transportation In Illinois

When you need bulk or liquid shipping for your food-grade transportation in Illinois, turn to the experts at Stoller Trucking.

Stoller Trucking Has The Equipment and Experience For Food-Grade Transportation In Illinois.

Shipping bulk food items is made easy with Stoller Trucking, thanks to our professional drivers, experienced staff and high-quality, stainless steel liquid tankers.

We Can Handle The Logistics Of Bulk Food-Grade Transportation.

Our business began in 1997, with a background in ag-related hauling. We expanded to bulk food-grade transportation and beyond. Our strengths include:

  • We have more than 75 trucks in our fleet.
  • Our stainless steel tankers feature pumps, hoses and other equipment to allow easy loading and unloading of liquid and bulk products.
  • The whole Stoller staff is dedicated to service and professionalism.
  • Our drivers are highly qualified and all of them receive tanker endorsement certifications that allow them to transport bulk quantities of kosher and non-kosher products.
  • We use dedicated trailers, ensuring no contamination from previous products shipped. Each of our dedicated trailers bears a designation as a kosher or a non-kosher trailer. We make it easy for you to maintain this important distinction.
  • We also handle dry van truckload carriers for general freight shipping, enabling us to take care of all your truck transport needs.
Food-Grade Transportation Illinois by Stoller Trucking

Are You An Experienced And Courteous Driver?

We are always looking for qualified, professional drivers. If you would like to talk to us about joining our team, call us today at 309-455-8835.

Let’s Work Together!

As a tanker trucking company with experience in food-grade transportation in Illinois, Stoller Trucking can assist you with the logistics of bulk and liquid products in the Midwest and across the country. To learn more about Stoller and how we can help, contact us today at 309-455-8835. Or, reach out via our contact form or email: