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Where Can You Find the Best Truck Driver Jobs for Chicago IL?

Truck driving is an incredible career opportunity for anyone to pursue. Truck drivers are always in high demand, and the compensation for driving is considerable compared to similar careers. However, finding the right trucking company to work for is just as challenging as any other profession. For this reason, Stoller Trucking strives to offer some of the best truck driver jobs for Chicago IL and the Midwest. Call Stoller today to discuss our career opportunities for new and old drivers alike.

Matched to Your Career

Stoller Trucking employs drivers throughout Illinois and the surrounding states, matching our drivers to their preferred career paths. For some, having the freedom to choose their work is what’s most important to them. Conversely, we employ drivers who like more structure and consistency in their profession. No matter your choice, everyone with Stoller is part of the same happy, friendly and welcoming trucking family.

Company Drivers

Our company drivers work directly with Stoller. Being a Stoller employee, you receive direct access to Kenworth/Peterbilt trucks and trailers supplied by our company. Additionally, you receive reliable and consistent routes and have improved benefits. Some advantages to company driving include:

  • No Starting Costs – For our other truck driver jobs for Chicago IL, drivers must have their own trucks and trailers. Conversely, we supply company drivers with company equipment, so you don’t have to pay extra to drive with Stoller.
  • More Benefits – Although Stoller strives to offer perks and benefits to all our drivers, working directly under Stoller gives you access to additional benefits and affordable insurance plans.
  • No Guesswork – You always have a route and freight to deliver as a company driver. Leave it up to our dispatch team to assign work that matches your location and availability.
  • No Extra Fees – If in charge of your equipment, starting costs are a concern, and so are upkeep and maintenance fees. Thankfully, as a company driver, anything you earn doesn’t have to go into the upkeep of your company vehicle.
Independent Carriers

When an independent carrier works with Stoller Trucking, they can access Stoller’s extensive list of business partners and trucking jobs. Additionally, by contracting with Stoller, you receive trucking authority for the areas you work. This means you can continue to operate independently with Stoller while working on earning your own trucking authority. Some advantages of being an independent carrier include:

  • Choose Your Routes – As previously mentioned, Stoller’s business partnerships allow us to offer a wide selection of routes and contracts to our independent carriers. If there is a route or load you prefer, you have the freedom to pick!
  • Set Your Schedule – Trucking can require long hours and work through the weekend, depending on some of the jobs you take. However, if you prefer the standard Monday-to-Friday work schedule, being an independent carrier puts that choice in your hands.
  • Increased Pay – While the jobs of our independent carriers and company drivers don’t differ, the compensation you receive does. For example, as a company driver, a portion of compensation is taken by Stoller to help with costs for equipment upkeep. However, as an independent carrier, Stoller’s cut of profits is much less, putting more money in your pocket.
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Owner-operators with Stoller have the truck, trailer, equipment and trucking authority to be their own boss! However, it’s hard to do your job without any work! That’s where Stoller comes in, providing high compensation contracts to interested owner-operators. Many of the perks and benefits of an owner-operator are the same as independent carriers, but having trucking authority opens the door to more routes and career opportunities.

Talk with Our Team

When searching for the right truck driving jobs for Chicago IL, you want to find a trucking company that you can rely on. Thankfully, Stoller Trucking can fill that role, providing all our drivers with the best routes and benefits. To learn more about career opportunities with Stoller, contact us today at 309-308-1630. Or, reach out via our contact form or email: