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We are currently hiring drivers in the Midwest!

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Find Your Ideal Truck Driver Jobs in Iowa with Stoller

At Stoller Trucking, we’re always looking for the next generation of drivers to join our Midwestern trucking family! Our team strives to offer fast, secure, affordable shipping for general and liquid freight throughout the Midwest. For those searching for reliable truck driver jobs in Iowa, Stoller Trucking offers some of the best career opportunities with excellent perks and benefits. Fill out an online form to learn more!

A Career That Fits You

When connecting drivers with truck driver jobs in Iowa, we aim to match people with the employment opportunities that best meet their professional and personal needs. For example, a consistent schedule and covered maintenance costs are available through company driving, while drivers have more flexibility as independent carriers. Here are the driver jobs we offer and their benefits:

Company Drivers

A company driver operates directly under Stoller. As a company driver, you utilize trucks and equipment supplied by Stoller and have routes and schedules assigned by our dispatch team. For new drivers, Stoller also offers additional training and certifications. The advantages of company driving include:

  • No Upfront Costs – Independent drivers are responsible for their own equipment, meaning they must purchase and upkeep their trucks and trailers. Conversely, company drivers don’t need a truck to start driving with Stoller. We cover all equipment costs and upkeep.
  • Pure Profit – The same with no upfront costs, you have no continued maintenance fees to worry about when company driving. All money you earn from your routes goes directly into your pocket, with gas and truck upkeep managed by Stoller.
  • Consistent Work – You’ll never be without work as a company driver! Stoller will assign you routes and loads that you are comfortable hauling. Furthermore, we will make your schedule flexible with doctor’s visits, vacation time, sick days, etc.
  • Extra Benefits – Although all our drivers receive various perks and benefits, company drivers have access to health, dental, vision and life insurance via Stoller’s affordable company insurance plans.

If you prefer freedom of choice, being an owner-operator is your best career path. As an owner-operator, you are responsible for your truck and equipment. Through Stoller’s partnerships with numerous Midwestern companies, we offer owner-operators many route options with excellent compensation. Additional owner-operator advantages include:

  • Greater Compensation – Stoller understands owner-operators’ need for truck maintenance and upkeep. Thus, we offer our owner-operators a “larger slice of the pie.” You receive a greater fraction of compensation from routes to help cover associated truck maintenance fees.
  • Control Over Your Time – While Stoller is flexible with scheduling, being an owner-operator gives you the most control. You can select the routes and loads that best accommodate your time.
  • Be your Own Driver – When you wish to update your truck, make a change to your routes, or want to purchase new equipment, you’re in control! As long as you complete your route safely and on time, you can approach each job as you please.
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Independent Carriers

Independent carriers share many of the same perks and advantages as owner-operators. However, most independent carriers lack the trucking authority to run their own routes. Thankfully, when driving with Stoller, having your trucking authority is not necessary. Completing routes under Stoller means you are covered by our trucking authority, extending throughout the Midwest and the U.S.

Talk with Our Team

Stoller Trucking has the truck driver jobs Iowa truckers are looking for, with great benefits, excellent compensation, and a friendly work environment. Contact our team today if you’re interested in a career with Stoller! You can call us at 309-308-1630. Or, reach out via our contact form or email: