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Work for the Best Trucking Companies for St. Louis MO

Are you on the hunt for a new job or profession? Not sure you want to commit to another office job or work in retail? Why not consider a career as a truck driver? Trucking is a proud profession, with thousands of drivers across the country working to deliver essential goods daily. And when settling on the best trucking companies for St. Louis MO to work for, Midwestern drivers choose Stoller Trucking!

Why Start a Truck Driver Job?

In addition to the perks and benefits we offer our drivers, truck driving itself has advantages that attract individuals new to the profession. Whether you’re a new driver looking to start your career, or an experienced driver wishing to grow, Stoller Trucking has the truck driver jobs for you. As such, some of the advantages of truck driving include:

  • Excellent Job Security – You’ll never be without work as a truck driver. There are always new routes and loads for our drivers, ensuring work is consistent and always available. Not to mention, trucking companies in St. Louis MO are always looking for more drivers to join their trucking families.
  • Great Starting Pay and Growth Opportunities – The average starting income for a new truck driver averages about 70K per year, which can be rare for most entry-level positions. Additionally, companies like Stoller offer our drivers plenty of opportunities for career growth and greater compensation.
  • No Long-Term Education Required – Unlike other professions, where you’ll spend years studying and training even to be considered for a position, truck driving doesn’t take nearly as long to learn. Multiple Commercial Driver’s License programs are available for new drivers to acquire their CDLs within seven weeks.
  • Options for Independent Driving – Working with Stoller as a company driver affords you many perks and benefits. However, truck driving allows drivers to operate independently of companies, giving them the freedom to choose their jobs and schedules.
  • The Open Road – One of the best parts of truck driving is the uniqueness of the job! Not many people can boast about seeing some of our country’s most beautiful sights and locales while working!
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Driving with Stoller

When working with Stoller, our drivers have several career options. You can either work directly for Stoller as a company driver or partner with Stoller as an owner-operator or independent carrier. Depending on your job preferences, we can match you with a career that best fits your experience and work style.

  • Company Driving – Company drivers are integral to the operation of Stoller Trucking. We provide our company drivers with the truck, equipment, and training needed to haul general and liquid freight. As a company driver, you also receive insurance coverage, sign-on bonuses, gas cards and more.
  • Independent Driving – Stoller has an extensive selection of jobs for our owner-operators and independent carriers. As an independent driver, you are responsible for supplying a truck and equipment for your route. However, independent drivers can choose the routes they prefer, have access to high-compensation jobs, and can operate under Stoller’s trucking authority (if you presently lack your own).

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When you’re ready to decide on your trucking career, only drive for the most reliable trucking companies for St. Louis MO; give Stoller Trucking a call today! Contact us at 3093081630 or via our contact form or email: Apply for a job with Stoller Trucking!