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Find the Right Profession with Trucking Jobs in Des Moines IA

Whether you’re new to the workforce or looking to get out of your current profession, there are dozens of local opportunities available to you through trucking jobs in Des Moines IA. Trucking is one of North America’s oldest and proudest professions, with thousands of drivers delivering crucial goods and products daily. At Stoller Trucking, we’re always looking for new, excited, and dedicated drivers ready to get behind the wheel of a semi-truck! If truck driving is a career you have an interest in, work with the best at Stoller Trucking!

The Top Reasons for Starting a Trucking Career

With the countless jobs and careers available, why does truck driving attract so many to its ranks? In truth, trucking is a unique profession that offers pay and benefits other jobs can’t match. Additionally, with the freedom and flexibility you experience when driving, it’s hard not to love the trucking profession! Some of the top reasons for starting a trucking career include:

  • No Higher Education Required – The bar for entry for some of the best-paying jobs is a degree that costs years of your time and thousands of dollars to earn. Conversely, you can begin truck driving after earning your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in a matter of months.
  • Excellent Compensation – Truck driving pays incredibly well, with drivers earning more than many jobs requiring a college education. On average, truck drivers can see up to 70K per year, with plenty of opportunities for advancement and bonuses.
  • Greater Flexibility – If driving as an independent driver, you are given greater freedom and flexibility in your routes, loads and schedule. Drive on your own time, on the routes you most prefer.
  • Time to Yourself – While on the road, you’ll have plenty of time to yourself. Truck driving is a self-supervised profession, meaning you’ll be spending much of your time alone while driving. Many drivers spend this personal time listening to audiobooks, podcasts, music, etc.
  • Always in Demand – Job security is the one thing truck drivers don’t have to worry about. With growing consumer demands for everything from electronics to food, trucking companies like Stoller are always looking for new drivers for shipping across the Midwest.
  • See the Sights – Few jobs come with the added benefit of travel! While truck driving with Stoller, you’ll experience many beautiful sights, landmarks and locales of North America’s majestic Midwest.

Our Job Options

Stoller’s wealth of trucking jobs in Des Moines IA gives new and experienced drivers plenty of options. You can take advantage of excellent benefits, great compensation, and a friendly and supportive work environment as a company driver, owner-operator, or independent carrier.

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  • Company Driver –Stoller’s company drivers receive a truck and equipment for their work, and our dispatch team organizes their routes and schedules. As a company driver, you can enjoy benefits such as company insurance plans, gas cards, sign-on bonuses, and access to our Stoller body shop.
  • Independent Carrier – Stoller’s independent carriers are in charge of their trucks, routes and equipment. When independently driving for Stoller, you are given the choice of our best routes, with opportunities for greater compensation. And as an independent carrier with Stoller, you can operate anywhere throughout the Midwest under our trucking authority.
  • Owner-Operator – Stoller’s owner-operators have the same freedom, perks and responsibilities as our independent carriers. However, owner-operators have their own trucking authority, giving them greater freedom and autonomy than independent carriers.

Talk with Stoller’s Team

With trucking jobs for Des Moines IA in high demand, ensure you’re working with the best trucking companies in your area. Reach out to Stoller Trucking today to learn more about our company and the job opportunities we offer. You can contact us at 309-308-1630 or via our contact form or email: Apply for a job with Stoller Trucking!