Commercial Shipping Chicago IL

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Commercial Shipping Chicago IL

How Fast Is Commercial Shipping in Chicago IL?

Stoller Trucking can get your goods to their destination faster than many other alternatives when it comes to commercial shipping in Chicago IL. Depending on the distance, our trucking services can get your products to where they need to go in a few days. Meanwhile, air freight can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days. Shipping by rail usually takes around two weeks to get your products to their destination. Transporting your products by sea can take an estimated 20 to 45 days. If you are in a hurry, Stoller Trucking can get your products anywhere in the continental United States quicker than most other providers. Plus, our 53-foot, enclosed steel trailers keep your products fresh and safe from the elements and theft. So, contact Stoller Trucking today to receive solutions from one of the most trusted trucking companies in Illinois and across the Midwest.

How Affordable is Commercial Shipping?

Stoller Trucking allows you to find services that meet your budget when it comes to commercial shipping in Chicago IL. Unlike some carriers, we allow you to choose how much truck space you want to purchase. Our options include the following.

  • Partial Truckloads let you ship freight weighing between 5,000 to 25,000 pounds. This is typically 6 to 18 pallets of products.
  • Less-Than Truckloads (LTL) let you ship freight weighing between 150 to 15,000 pounds. This is ideal if you have a limited number of items to ship.
  • Full Truckloads (FTL) allow you to ship up to 45,000 pounds of goods at once.

Most importantly, Stoller Trucking shipping services are much more cost effective than rates you will receive from shipping or rail carriers. Consequently, we can save you money and get your products to their destination faster within the continental United States.

What Commercial Shipping Services Are Available?

Stoller Trucking provides your company with solutions designed to transport different types of products with our commercial shipping in Chicago IL. Here is a breakdown of the shipping services we offer and the kinds of goods they are designed to transport.

  • Non-Hazardous Liquid Tanker TruckingOur stainless-steel liquid tanker trucks provide safe and secure transport for non-toxic liquids. Some examples of the products we haul include vegetable oils, molasses, milk, fruit juices, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Dry Van TruckingOur dry van trucking services use enclosed trailers to protect non-perishables and packaged items. Typical types of dry van shipments include consumer goods, tools, electronics, clothing, furniture, shoes, packaged non-perishable foods, canned foods, and mechanical parts.
  • Bulk TransportOur bulk transport allows you to ship anything from unpackaged products to raw materials. Common types of materials shipped by bulk transport include mechanical components, grains, animal feed, sand, cement, minerals, gypsum, non-perishable powders, and seeds.

Searching for Truck Driver Jobs in Chicago IL?

Commercial Shipping Chicago IL

Stoller Trucking is currently hiring drivers for open positions we have with our commercial shipping in Chicago IL. We give you the flexibility to choose whether to join our team as an owner operator, company driver, or independent carrier. Plus, we consider both experienced truckers and candidates just getting their professional driving career started. To be considered, take a few moments to fill out our online job application form.

Schedule Commercial Shipping in Chicago IL

Are you ready to get your goods to their destination on time and within your budget? Then, count on Stoller Trucking to handle your commercial shipping in Chicago IL. Give us a call at 309-308-1630, email us at, or use our online contact form to get in touch with us. With over 25 years of experience, our trucking company can bring you the best shipping solutions!