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Jumpstart Your Career with the Best Truck Driver Jobs for Davenport IA

Truck driving is a proud profession, and one of the most essential in the U.S. Companies throughout the country continually need safe, fast and reliable transportation for consumer goods, commercial products, and more. As such, Stoller Trucking strives to offer the best transportation services for the Midwest, hiring experienced and dedicated drivers to get the job done right. If interested in truck driver jobs for Davenport IA or anywhere in the Midwest, give Stoller Trucking a call.

What We Deliver

Stoller Trucking’s shipping contracts primarily involve general/dry van freight and non-hazardous liquid/bulk freight. While driving with Stoller, you will be trained and certified to handle these freight options.

  • General Freight – General, or dry van freight, is the most common freight moved throughout the country. Most consumer goods that are non-perishable can be transported by Stoller’s trucks. Examples of freight we handle include food/drinks, furniture, clothing, electronics, parts, equipment, construction materials, and more.
  • Liquid/Bulk Freight – Besides general freight, we move non-hazardous liquid and bulk freight. Liquid and bulk freight mainly involves products and materials that aren’t individually packaged and are primarily for commercial use. For example, Stoller Trucking helps haul gravel, sand, concrete, grain, feed products, alcohol, milk, water and more.

Choose Your Career

You aren’t forced into a set career path when driving for Stoller Trucking. Instead, we help match our drivers with their preferred employment as a company driver, owner-operator or independent carrier. No matter your career choice, Stoller supports our drivers with extensive benefits and perks not always available with other trucking companies.

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  • Company Driver – As a company driver, you have access to Stoller’s fleet of new and well-maintained trucks, trailers and equipment. Our dispatch team will manage your routes and schedule, ensuring you always have work and your drive times are manageable. Additionally, company drivers ensure you receive consistent weekly way and insurance benefits via Stoller’s policy plans.
  • Owner-Operator – Being an owner-operator means you have the power to choose your routes, trucks and equipment. While you are responsible for truck maintenance/upkeep, you can set your schedule and pick loads and routes you’re most comfortable with. And to makeup for a portion of maintenance fees, owner-operator contracts offer more compensation than most company driver jobs.
  • Independent Carrier – An independent carrier operates almost the same as an owner-operator, enjoying the same freedom of choice. However, as an independent carrier, you likely lack the trucking authority necessary to operate in the Midwest. Thankfully, working with Stoller means you have access to our extensive list of contracts while operating under our trucking authority.

Call Stoller

If searching for truck driver jobs in Davenport IA, ensure you have the best benefits, compensation and career opportunities when driving with Stoller Trucking. To learn more about our company or driver positions, contact us today at 309-308-1630. Or, reach out via our contact form or email: