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Find a Career You Love with Truck Driver Jobs in Des Moines IA

Semi-truck driving is an important profession in the U.S. The transportation of consumer goods and commercial products is essential to the continued growth of businesses and the stability of our economy. Thus, when searching for truck driver jobs in Des Moines IA, finding the best trucking companies to work for makes a difference! Companies like Stoller Trucking make great efforts to ensure our drivers are adequately compensated, happy and comfortable in their work environment. With as important a profession as truck driving is, finding a company that respects the work you do is essential.

The Best Fit for Stoller Drivers

Driving with Stoller entails several career options with unique benefits and operational styles. Whether a company driver, independent carrier or owner-operator, Stoller ensures our drivers have all the tools necessary for making a profit and growing in their profession. Stoller Trucking can cater to your needs whether you prefer structure or freedom in your career choice.

Company Drivers

When operating as a company driver, you get some of Stoller’s best benefits! In addition to our insurance offerings, Stoller supplies our company drivers with a truck, trailer and additional equipment. Route planning for company drivers is done via our dispatch team, ensuring you’re never without work but always have a flexible schedule. Additional perks include:

  • No Operating Costs – Independent truck drivers are responsible for acquiring and maintaining their trucks and equipment. Conversely, company drivers can count on Stoller when managing upkeep costs. With our expert repair shop team, we ensure your truck is well-maintained at no extra cost to you.
  • Steady and Reliable Work – Stoller Trucking compensates our company drivers with weekly pay, bonuses and incentives. Rather than selecting your own contracts and negotiating pay, you always have reliable work and a steady salary you can count on.
  • Expanded Benefits – Stoller Trucking offers an extensive company insurance plan for all our company drivers. Dental, health, vision and life insurance benefits are available through Stoller.

If seeking more independence with your truck driver job in Des Moines IA, being an owner-operator might be your best choice. Owner-operators provide their own truck for the job and keep their equipment maintained and up-to-date. Also, as an owner-operator, you can access Stoller Trucking’s extensive partnerships and contracts. Advantages of owner-operation include:

  • Preferred Routes & Loads – Owner-operators can choose their preferred routes and loads from Stoller’s extensive contracts and partnerships. Having the ability to choose routes means you decide where you want to go, how close to home you wish to stay, how difficult of a load you want to carry, etc.
  • Scheduling Freedom – The same as you can pick your routes, owner-operators also set their schedule. Whether worried about upcoming vacation time, doctor’s appointments, or random sick days, you can choose your contracts, thus deciding your own schedule.
  • Improved Compensation – At Stoller, we understand truck maintenance fees can sometimes be significant. As such, we help our owner-operators by offering a larger fraction of compensation for completed work.
Independent Carriers
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As an independent carrier, you receive many of the same perks and benefits as owner-operators. Independent carriers have the same freedom to select their equipment, choose their routes, and set their schedule. However, the one thing most independent carriers don’t have is personal trucking authority. Trucking authority is what enables drivers to transport goods and be compensated legally. Rather than spending time and money earning trucking authority, independent carriers can work with Stoller and operate under our trucking authority.

Start Your Career with Stoller

If seeking excellent compensation, flexible scheduling and a friendly work environment for your truck driver jobs in Des Moines IA, look no further than Stoller Trucking! To learn more about our career options or company history, contact us today at 309-308-1630. Or, reach out via our contact form or email: