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Choose the Best Truck Driver Jobs for Detroit MI

Truck driving is an excellent career choice for those wishing to get away from traditional jobs but still wanting to earn great pay with valuable benefits. Whether transporting general freight, non-hazardous liquids, or anything else, truck driver jobs for Detroit MI are in high demand! As such, Stoller Trucking strives to offer new and existing drivers a friendly work atmosphere with flexible job opportunities. Call Stoller Trucking today to ask about jobs in your area!

How Driving with Stoller Works

When driving with Stoller Trucking, we offer three main career opportunities: company driving, owner-operation or independent carriers. Each choice has unique benefits and offers our drivers differing professional freedom and compensation levels.

Company Driving

When you’re a Stoller Trucking Company Driver, you work directly for Stoller. This means you receive some of our best benefits and are supplied with consistent scheduling and routes, with training options for new drivers. Additional benefits of company driving include:

  • Company Insurance Policies – Company drivers have access to Stoller Trucking’s comprehensive insurance plans. With Stoller, you can receive coverage involving health, dental, vision and life insurance, alongside other benefits only offered to drivers directly employed under Stoller.
  • Supplied Equipment – When company driving, you aren’t expected to supply your own truck, trailer and equipment. Everything you need to start driving is provided by Stoller upfront. Furthermore, Stoller Trucking covers all maintenance and upgrade fees for your company truck and equipment.
  • Consistent Work – There’s never a shortage of work to do with Stoller. Our dispatch team will assign company drivers consistent routes, ensuring scheduling is flexible concerning sick days, vacation time, etc.
Independent Driving
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Owner-operators and independent carriers are classified as “independent drivers.” As an independent driver, you are given more freedom and flexibility when compared to company driving. When partnering with Stoller, our independent drivers have access to the highest volume of trucking jobs and routes throughout the Midwest. The benefits of independent driving include:

  • Higher Compensation Jobs – Maintaining trucks and equipment yourself means having enough income to do so. As such, Stoller Trucking offers higher compensation jobs to our independent drivers. Additionally, independent drivers receive a slightly larger percentage of compensation for every route.
  • Drive on Your Time – Being “your own boss” means you get to set your own schedule! You choose the days of the week and times of day that work best for your truck routes. And if a particular job doesn’t match the schedule you wish to keep, you can always choose another!
  • Pick Your Routes – The same as you pick your schedule, independent drivers also select the routes they prefer. Being able to pick your routes allows you to stay closer to home, take jobs that fit your experience level more accurately, and enjoy a driving vista you choose yourself!

Give Stoller a Call

No matter your trucking experience, you can find the perfect fit for truck driver jobs in Detroit MI when you drive with Stoller Trucking! To learn more about our career opportunities and benefits, call us today at 309-308-1630 or via our contact form or email: Apply for a job with Stoller Trucking!