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Lead a Successful Career with Truck Driver Jobs for Springfield IL

Semi-truck driving is one of the most necessary professions in the United States. Every day, retail products and commercial materials must quickly and safely make it into the hands of businesses and consumers. And as one of the premier trucking companies in the Midwest, Stoller Trucking strives to provide the best transportation services. This means we’re always looking for new and passionate drivers to join our family. If searching for truck driver jobs in Springfield IL or anywhere throughout the Midwest, look no further than Stoller Trucking.

Working with Stoller

Stoller Trucking’s shipping contracts all entail transportation of general/dry van freight and non-hazardous liquid/bulk freight. As a driver with Stoller, you will be trained and certified to handle these freight options.

  • General Freight – As general freight goes, this is the most common type of freight transported across our country. General freight encompasses most consumer products, as long as they don’t require special vans and trailers to transport (no non-perishable goods). We’ve helped dozens of businesses with shipping for non-perishable food/drinks, electronics, furniture, clothing, vehicles, parts, machinery, construction materials, etc.
  • Liquid Freight – Liquid/bulk freight requires different certifications to transport, as drivers must know how to pull liquid tankers safely. Typically, bulk goods aren’t for general consumer use; they are more useful to companies and manufacturers that utilize the product. Stoller Trucking only transports non-hazardous products, such as gravel, sand, concrete, grain, feed products, water, alcohol, milk and more.

Multiple Career Opportunities

There is no shortage of careers with Stoller Trucking! We strive to meet our drivers’ needs by offering specialized jobs, each with unique perks and benefits. Whether driving as a company driver, independent carrier, or owner-operator, you’re a part of the Stoller family!

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  • Company Driver – Our company drivers receive expanded benefits, such as company insurance, and have trucks, trailers and equipment supplied by Stoller. Regarding scheduling and workloads, everything is handled by our expert dispatchers. We match our drivers with schedules that best fit their preferred loads and routes as close to their homes as possible.
  • Owner-Operator – Working as an owner-operator allows you to choose your routes, loads, schedule, trucks and equipment. Stoller Trucking helps our owner-operators by supplying consistent work, with our company only taking a fraction of the commissions.
  • Independent Carrier – Much like owner-operators, independent carriers have the same freedom of choice of equipment and route choice. However, most independent carriers don’t have the trucking authority of owner-operators and trucking companies. Thankfully, by working with Stoller, you can operate anywhere under our company’s trucking authority.

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