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We are currently hiring for drivers in the Midwest!

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Trucking Companies for Springfield IL in Search of Passionate Drivers!

Stoller Trucking, one of the premier trucking companies for Springfield IL and the Midwest, is looking for new drivers! We are growing our trucking family and want passionate, dedicated, professional drivers willing to carry general and non-hazardous liquid freight. With multiple career opportunities and numerous benefits, Stoller strives to offer better truck driver jobs than other local and national competitors. If interested in driving for Stoller, fill out an online form!

Choose Your Career

Do you want more flexibility in your scheduling? Would you rather have your equipment supplied by your employer? Are you looking for better benefits and perks? Stoller Trucking gives drivers a choice in the career they wish to pursue with our company. Whether as a company driver, owner-operator or independent carrier, we can match you with a job that best accommodates your work preferences.

Company Drivers

Our company drivers work directly with Stoller Trucking. As an employee of Stoller, you receive a company truck, trailer and additional equipment (all supplied by us). Furthermore, working as a company driver means you always have consistent work on a schedule designated by our dispatch team. New drivers can benefit from a company driver job, as we provide additional training and certification for drivers just getting their start. Some additional benefits include:

  • No Upfront Costs – As a company driver, you don’t have to worry about supplying your truck and trailer. This means there’s no “cost of entry” to begin a company-driving job with Stoller. As long as you have the willingness, know-how and experience, we can get you driving right away!
  • No Extra Fees – If using your own truck and trailer, you must keep your equipment well-maintained and up-to-date, which can cut into your monthly income. Conversely, with equipment provided to company drivers, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs; Stoller takes care of your truck’s upkeep.
  • Greater Benefits – Stoller Trucking offers all our drivers, no matter their career path, certain perks and benefits not always available with other trucking companies. However, as a company driver, you receive expanded benefits, such as company health insurance options.
  • Consistent Work – There’s no shortage of trucking routes at Stoller! And as a company driver, we ensure you always have a consistent amount of work while helping you stay as close to your location and preferred work schedule as possible.
Independent Carriers & Owner-Operators

Instead of company driving, other drivers can partner with Stoller Trucking as independent carriers or owner-operators. Both career options are similar, allowing drivers incredible freedom and flexibility. You can choose your routes (from what Stoller has available), set your schedule, and use your own truck and trailer. And if you don’t have your trucking authority (independent carriers), driving with Stoller means you drive under our trucking authority. Some of the advantages of owner-operators and independent carriers include:

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  • Freedom of Choice – Do you prefer routes that avoid big cities like Chicago? Would you rather transport general freight versus liquid/bulk? Being independent or an owner-operator means you get to choose the routes and loads you prefer.
  • Not Bound to a Set Schedule – If company driving, you are bound to a weekly schedule. Conversely, independent carriers and owner-operators get to set their own schedule. In choosing your routes, you also choose the days or weeks you want to work. No need to ask a manager for time off; you’re your own manager!
  • Higher Commission – At Stoller, we understand one of the most challenging aspects of being an independent driver is maintaining your equipment. Thus, we strive to offer our owner-operators and independent carriers a larger piece of the pie. For every job, our drivers receive a greater cut of commissions, so some of that money can be used for equipment upkeep.

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Why settle for fewer benefits and less flexibility with other trucking companies for Springfield IL? Stoller Trucking can provide everything you need for a lucrative career as a truck driver. To learn more about our employment opportunities, contact us today at 309-308-1630. Or, reach out via our contact form or email: