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Looking for Work with Trucking Companies for Peoria IL? Consider Stoller!

A career in truck driving is a popular profession that pays well! However, finding trucking companies for Peoria IL that offer sufficient perks, benefits, and flexibility can prove challenging if you don’t know where to look. As such, Stoller Trucking looks to set itself apart, providing our drivers with focused career opportunities, incredible benefits, and a happy and friendly work atmosphere. If interested in a trucking career in the Midwest, consider working with Stoller Trucking!

The Freight We Transport

Stoller Trucking partners with dozens of businesses throughout the Midwest to provide general freight and non-hazardous liquid transport across the country. Whether you have experience with general freight and liquid transport or are newer to trucking, Stoller Trucking can support your career with loads and contracts you are most comfortable with.

  • What’s General Freight? – General freight, or dry van shipping, includes most retail products that are non-perishable. However, it’s more than non-perishable food and drinks that we transport. General freight includes electronics, clothing, vehicles/parts, equipment/machinery, construction materials and more.
  • What’s Liquid/Bulk Freight? – When not moving general freight, Stoller Trucking transports non-hazardous liquid and bulk freight in our tanker trailers. Liquid and bulk freight primarily refer to commercial products and materials that aren’t individually packaged and don’t go directly to consumers. Examples of what we ship include gravel, sand, concrete, grain, feed, water, alcohol, etc.

Stoller Job Options

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Our drivers have three primary career paths when working with Stoller: company drivers, owner-operators and independent carriers. Each option has its own perks and unique advantages that allow our drivers to tailor their profession to their particular preferences.

  • Company Drivers – As a company driver with Stoller, you work as a full-time Stoller employee. This means you receive weekly pay, have your schedule provided by our dispatch, and use Stoller’s latest trucks, trailers and equipment. Stoller can help advance your trucking training and certifications if you’re more recent to the profession.
  • Owner-Operator – As an owner-operator with Stoller, you don’t work as a direct employee of our company. Instead, we supply owner-operators with consistent work and high-compensation jobs, thanks to our extensive partnerships with Midwestern businesses. Being an owner-operator also means you have trucking authority, your own equipment, and can set your own schedule.
  • Independent Carrier – In addition to owner-operators, Stoller contracts with independent carriers. The main difference between the two career options is trucking authority, which independent carriers don’t always have. While you work towards new certifications and trucking authority, you can continue making a living by driving with Stoller and under our trucking authority.

Ask About a Career with Stoller

The best trucking jobs are just within reach, thanks to the efforts of one of the best trucking companies for Peoria IL. If interested in advancing your truck driving career with a passionate, friendly and dedicated team, look no further than Stoller Trucking. Learn more by calling 309-308-1630. Or, reach out via our contact form or email: