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Manage Your Facility’s Shipping with Trucking Companies in Illinois

The commercial needs of businesses throughout Illinois and the Midwest are continually growing. Companies are producing more goods than ever, and consumers are buying those goods at record paces. But, if your company lacks a fast and effective way of bringing goods to shelves, you miss out on significant profit. For this reason, many businesses turn to trucking companies in Illinois for managing shipping and delivery services. And when selecting the best local trucking company, Illinois business owners agree: Stoller Trucking is their number one pick!

Why Rely on Professional Truckers?

Your bottom line is essential for a business looking to be successful and grow. However, when you factor in what it takes to keep your shipping in-house, you might be biting off more than you can chew! The skill, equipment, and logistics required to manage shipping services aren’t easy for every facility to manage. That’s why local businesses trust Stoller Trucking! When you hire trucking companies in Illinois like Stoller, you have the benefit of:

  • Fast Delivery – Stoller Trucking runs an efficient operation! Our familiarity with local and Midwestern routes lends to our ability to achieve quick shipping and delivery. Big-name trucking companies have difficulty providing the same level of service as Stoller.
  • Product Care – Stoller’s drivers receive extensive training and certifications to allow them to haul dry van and liquid/bulk freight. To this end, our drivers take great care to ensure your products aren’t harmed or damaged in transit to their destination.
  • Local Service – There are benefits to having local drivers manage your shipping. More than familiarity with area routes, you also receive dedicated customer care and support not always available with national trucking companies. And hiring local drivers means supporting your community and local businesses!
  • Cost-Savings – While bringing shipping in-house might seem more affordable, you’ll quickly learn otherwise. Hiring drivers, acquiring trucks, maintaining equipment, covering delivery expenses, etc., can quickly add up. Conversely, hiring Stoller means you only pay for the cost of service. If budget is a concern, it’s best to let a trucking company manage your shipping.

What Can We Ship?

When it comes to shipping your company’s goods, there’s plenty Stoller Trucking can handle! We deliver general and bulk freight across the Midwest with over 75 trucks and trailers. As such, our shipping services include:

  • Dry Van & General Freight – With the latest 53-foot trailers, we can carry non-perishable consumer products like electronics, clothes, food, furniture and more. We offer varying capacity options for our clients, including full truckload (FTL), partial truckload, and less than truckload (LTL), and we provide drop trailer service with everything we haul.
  • Non-Hazardous Liquid Tanker – Our stainless-steel tankers allow Stoller to transport goods like grain, gravel, water, milk, cattle feed and more. Each tanker uses hoses and pumps for easy unloading and is dedicated, meaning there’s never cross-contamination between loads.
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Now Hiring

Are you tired of your old desk job? Are you looking for a change of pace? Want to get out on the open road? Why not try truck driving? At Stoller Trucking, we’re always looking for new and excited drivers wanting to join our family! You can join Stoller as a company driver or work alongside us as an independent carrier or owner-operator. No matter your preference, you can expect some excellent perks, benefits and incentives when you work with Stoller.

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No trucking companies in Illinois can match the care, experience and expertise of Stoller Trucking and our team of highly-qualified drivers. To learn more about our shipping services or if interested in a trucking job, contact Stoller today at 309-308-1630 or reach Stoller via our contact form or email: