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Do You Need Trucking Companies in Chicago IL?

Any company that sells and produces consumer goods needs standard shipping services. Whether receiving the materials necessary for continued production or shipping a final product to stores, freight carriers are an essential part of the process. However, not just “any” trucking companies for Chicago IL will do. You require local, experienced, dedicated truckers specializing in dry-van and non-hazardous bulk freight shipping throughout the Midwest. You require the services of Stoller Trucking!

The Benefits of Hiring a Trucking Company

As a business owner, there’s always a desire to keep the majority of your operations “in-house.” However, service offerings like shipping can be more challenging for smaller and mid-sized companies. Not to mention, there are certain costs involved in shipping that might be more than your business can handle. For these reasons and more, hiring trucking companies in Chicago IL, like Stoller, is necessary for the success of your business. For example, the advantages of hiring local freight carriers include:

  • Speed – As a dedicated trucking company, our only job is to see your products quickly and safely transported from one location to the next. As such, a trucking company guarantees speedy deliveries not always achievable with in-house shipping.
  • Care – Our truck drivers are experienced and trained enough to know how to handle varying load sizes and product types. We are incredibly careful with your shipments, ensuring minimal to no damage and no contamination of your goods.
  • Locality – You can trust a “big name” trucking company to manage your business’s shipping. However, you’ll likely not receive the same level of customer support and quality service you receive with local companies. Companies like Stoller, managing transportation throughout the Midwest, are more reliable and ensure less risk in local shipping.
  • Price – While keeping shipping and transportation in-house for your business is possible, it will require a significant investment of time and money. For businesses that cannot commit to such an investment in trucks and truck drivers, companies like Stoller have you covered with affordable rates, competitive pricing, and the latest equipment.

Our Shipping Services

From electronics and consumer goods to cattle feed and milk, Stoller Trucking has provided the Midwest with exceptional shipping of dry-van and non-hazardous liquid and bulk freight. We match our trucks and trailers to the needs of our clients, always ensuring safe and quality delivery of goods. Our standard shipping services include:

  • Dry Van & General Freight – Our company has different sizes of dry van trailers suitable for various types of loads, with our largest trailer at 53 feet. We offer different capacity options for dry freight truckloads and have drop trailer services available for loading and unloading at the convenience of the shipper and receiver.
  • Non-Hazardous Liquid Tanker – Our tankers, made of stainless steel, come with hoses and pumps, making it possible to unload liquid and bulk products quickly. Furthermore, our trailers are dedicated, which means that bulk products don’t get mixed with previous products and loads, thus keeping them uncontaminated.
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Looking for Truck Driver Jobs?

Stoller Trucking not only provides quick and dependable bulk transportation services in Illinois to businesses, but we are also on the lookout for new drivers to join our team. We welcome enthusiastic and committed drivers to join our trucking family as company drivers, owner-operators, or independent carriers. Whether you are starting your career in the trucking industry or seeking a new company to work with, Stoller Trucking has a variety of job opportunities available for you.

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