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Stay Ahead of Shipping Needs with Dry Van Trucking in Illinois

Whether your company produces or sells products, there’s a good chance you’ll require shipping services at some point. And in all likelihood, the goods transportation you’ll need is a dry van. Dry van trucking in Illinois and throughout the Midwest is the most common type of shipping you’ll find. Additionally, dry van trucking is some of the most reliable! If you are interested in dry van shipping services with local trucking experts, call Stoller Trucking.

Everything You Need to Know About Dry Vans

As mentioned, dry van shipping is some of the most common commercial transportation. Across the United States, thousands of dry van trailers are used daily to bring consumers the products they need most. Whether hauling locally or across several states, Stoller Trucking can provide your company with quick, reliable, and affordable dry van trucking.

  • What Are Dry Vans? – Dry van trucks/trailers are entirely enclosed trailers used to transport non-perishable goods. They are the most common trailer type in the U.S., also making them some of the most requested of companies needing shipping.
  • What Are the Benefits of Dry Van Shipping? – As the name implies, dry van trailers keep your goods completely dry. The enclosed trailers help protect your goods from rain, wind, sleet, snow, and other external factors.
  • How Big are Dry Vans? – A dry van trailer can vary in size, but the standard trailers measure between 48-53 feet, with a capacity of 45,000 pounds. Pup trailers, which are smaller dry vans between 26-28 feet, are also available, with a capacity of 22,500 pounds.
  • What Can a Dry Van Haul? – As long as the goods and products are non-perishable, they can be hauled in a dry van truck. Stoller has helped transport products with dry vans, including food and beverages, clothing, electronics, building materials, consumer packaged goods, large machinery, and more.
  • What Can’t Be Hauled? – The only things a dry van truck can’t transport are perishable or refrigerated goods that require a controlled temperature to maintain. Additionally, dry vans rarely transport bulk materials or liquid products. Thankfully, Stoller possesses liquid tankers for such shipping needs.
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Interested in Driving Dry Van Trucks?

If you’re searching for new job opportunities, you’re in luck! Stoller Trucking is looking for new drivers for our dry van trucking in Illinois and throughout the Midwest. We have long-haul and local routes for those interested in company driving or for experienced owner-operators and independent carriers. To learn more about Stoller’s benefits and incentives for our drivers, contact us or fill out a career form.

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To ensure your dry van trucking in Illinois is managed by local, experienced trucking experts, count on the best drivers from Stoller Trucking! Learn more about our shipping services or truck driver jobs by calling
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