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The shipping and delivery industry is alive and active throughout the Hoosier State! Needless to say, Indiana businesses are always looking for ways to deliver more products faster and more affordably. However, growing your small business or large-scale manufacturing operation can be challenging without the right trucking companies to back your transportation needs. For this reason, local businesses trust the experience and capabilities of Stoller Trucking LLC and our freight shipping for Indiana. Call today!

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Our Shipping Services

When selecting Stoller Trucking’s transportation services, we offer two main options for our clients: dry van and non-hazardous liquid/bulk. Both shipping types work best for certain products and materials and enable businesses to get their products where they need them quickly and affordably!

  • Dry Van Shipping – Our dry van shipping services are some of the most sought-after; few items can’t be transported via dry van trailers! To this end, we do our utmost to ensure your goods reach their destination on time and with no harm or damage. Our 53-foot trailers can carry truckloads of varying sizes (full, partial and less than partial), with experience hauling food, drinks, furniture, clothing, electronics, equipment, industrial materials and more.
  • Liquid/Bulk Shipping – Stoller’s liquid/bulk shipping services are right for you if you have a surplus of bulk products without specific packaging. Our company has stainless steel tankers, equipped with various pumps and hoses that simplify loading and unloading your goods. Additionally, our tankers are thoroughly cleaned between loads, ensuring no cross-contamination occurs. We’ve helped move bulk goods, including gravel, sand, grain, cattle feed, milk, water, etc.

Why Choose Stoller?

At Stoller Trucking, we strive to make freight shipping for Indiana as simple as possible! For most companies, this means taking transportation logistics into our own hands. We provide the trucks and drivers your business requires for the urgent movement of products. Rest assured, you’re only getting the best local trucking service with Stoller Trucking. Some advantages of using Stoller’s services include:

  • Efficiency – Stoller Trucking has established routes and logistics in place, allowing for efficient delivery of goods.
  • Locality – Additionally, Stoller can guarantee faster shipping when relying on local drivers familiar with area routes and destinations.
  • Cost-Effective – Stoller can offer more competitive prices by consolidating shipments, especially for high-volume deliveries.
  • Flexible Service – Stoller mages all loading and logistics for your general freight shipping, reducing the need for additional handling and potential damages.
  • Tracking – Stoller Trucking offers real-time tracking of goods, providing peace of mind and greater control over the delivery process.
  • Wide Range of Services – From less-than-truckload (LTL) to full truckload shipments, Stoller can cater to a wide range of freight needs.
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There’s no denying your business’s need for quick and reliable freight shipping in Indiana. If you’re without expert shipping and delivery capabilities, invest in the best transportation services with Stoller Trucking LLC. To learn more about our services or if interested in a truck driver career with Stoller, call 309-308-1633 or fill out an online form. Or, reach out via email: