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Make sure your goods get to their destination on time at affordable rates with Stoller Trucking services for general freight in Indiana. Our shipping solutions include general freight trucking, dry van trucking, bulk transport, and non-hazardous liquid tanker trucking services. Our services include transportation of food grade, feed grade, bulk freight, and general freight products. We offer a fleet of 75 tractors and 53-foot stainless-steel trailers and tankers capable of hauling up to 45,000 pounds anywhere in the contiguous United States. Request a free estimate or more information today by emailing us at or by using our contact form.

What Is General Freight Trucking?

General freight trucking services cover products outside of specialized categories such as livestock, toxic materials, and perishable items. Consequently, our general freight services provide transportation for a wide range of commodities. Here are examples of the most shipped products in the general freight class.

  • Auto parts
  • Mechanical parts
  • Large objects
  • Industrial machinery
  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Consumer goods
  • Electronics
  • Corrugates
  • Packaged goods

How Do I Package General Freight?

There are several important considerations when packaging items for transport when it comes to general freight in Indiana. It is vital to make sure that products get packed securely to prevent property damage enroute to the destination. Here are some tips on how to properly package general freight.

  • Choose Proper Materials – It is important to use crates or boxes capable of handling the weight and size of the products you are shipping. In addition, you can put products on pallets to further support the weight balancing of your products. Plus, cushioning materials such as foam, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap can provide added protection.
  • Determine Requirements for Your Products – Before you start the process, you should know the fragility, weight, and size of the items you are transporting. This can help you find the right packing materials to protect your products during the transportation process.
  • Secure Items in Packaging and Packing Materials – Securely seal crates, boxes, and pallets with packing tape, shrink wrap, and straps.

How Much General Freight Can I Ship?

Stoller Trucking offers several options when it comes to truckload sizes for general freight in Indiana. So, you can save money by purchasing only the necessary truck space you need for your goods. Your business can choose from the following shipping solutions.

  • Full Truckload (FTL) – Large companies with up to 45,000 pounds of items to ship at one time can choose our full truckload shipment. We provide you with a dedicated trailer that protects the integrity and quality of your goods during transport.
  • Partial Truckload – Businesses with shipments of 30,000 pounds or less can provide the most cost-effective solution with our partial truckload shipments.
  • Less than Truckload (LTL) – Companies with 15,000 pounds or less to ship can utilize our less than truckload shipping option. This allows you to scale our services to match the size of your business.

Looking for Truck Driver Jobs in Indiana?

Stoller Trucking is currently hiring truck drivers throughout the Midwest! If you are looking to accelerate your career, check out exciting opportunities with one of the best trucking companies in Indiana. We consider candidates with professional experience and those who are new to professional driving. Our company can get you the experience and certifications you need to kickstart your driving career. Plus, we offer you the flexibility for drivers to join as owner operators, independent carriers, and company drivers. Fill out our online application form to be considered. We are looking for drivers based out of Evansville IN, Fort Wayne IN, Indianapolis IN, and elsewhere in Indiana.

General Freight Indiana

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Stoller Trucking offers affordable and reliable shipping services when you need transportation for general freight in Indiana. Plus, we allow you to choose the truckload size you ship to find a perfect fit for the needs of your business. Email us today at, give us a call at 309-308-1630, or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.