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Are You Searching for Truck Driving Jobs in Michigan?

If you’re looking for better career opportunities or a change of pace for your profession, why not consider truck driving jobs in Michigan? Truck driving is a job that’s in high demand, with companies always looking for new, happy and dedicated drivers. Additionally, plenty of training options are available for new drivers looking to get started in the trucking industry. And when it comes to finding the right trucking companies in Michigan or anywhere in the Midwest to drive for, look no further than Stoller Trucking! Stoller Trucking strives to offer excellent benefits and high-compensation jobs within a friendly and welcoming work environment.

What Makes Truck Driving Great?

While there are hundreds of careers you can choose from, few are as exciting, fulfilling and tight-knit as jobs in the trucking industry. With quick training, job stability, professional freedom and high compensation, it’s no wonder so many drivers are earning their Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs).

  • Quick Training – If you aren’t looking to spend years training for a profession you may or may not like, you’re not alone. Thankfully, truck driver jobs don’t require such a commitment from our drivers. The average program for acquiring a CDL takes seven weeks on average. With an additional few weeks of training provided by Stoller, you’ll earn money trucking within no time.
  • Job Stability – There’s always work for our drivers in the trucking industry. With Stoller’s extensive partnerships with businesses throughout the Midwest, there’s no shortage of routes and loads. And with the continued need for freight transportation across our nation, job stability as a truck driver is assured.
  • Professional Freedom – Depending on your career path choice, truck drivers have significant independence in their work. Independent carriers and owner-operators choose their trucks, equipment, routes and schedules.
  • High Compensation – Truck driving is one of the most lucrative career options for individuals without prior training or higher education. The average yearly income for truck drivers in the U.S. is $70k, with multiple bonuses, benefits and career advancement opportunities.
  • Unique – Above all, truck driving is a unique career choice for anyone! The trucking industry is a close community, with hundreds of other drivers willing to provide advice and support for new drivers. Not to mention, truck driving is one of the few jobs that has individuals driving across the country, taking in the incredible sights, views and landmarks of our nation!

Job Options

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Stoller Trucking matches our drivers with the career paths that best fit their professional preferences. For example, company driving is an option for drivers who prefer consistency and equipment support. Or, for drivers who like setting their routes and schedule, a career as an independent carrier or owner-operator might be best. No matter your job choice, Stoller Trucking can provide the support and training necessary for you to be successful!

  • Company Drivers – Direct employees for Stoller Trucking. Company drivers receive perks and benefits such as a Stoller truck/trailer and company insurance coverage. Stoller’s dispatch team manages routing and scheduling for company drivers.
  • Owner-Operators – Truck drivers who can operate independently of Stoller Trucking. Stoller offers high-compensation jobs with a greater percentage of commission to support owner-operator’s upkeep costs for trucks and equipment. Owner-operators have the freedom to choose their routes, loads and schedule.
  • Independent Carriers – Truck drivers who operate independently but lack trucking authority. By contracting with Stoller, independent contractors can work under Stoller’s trucking authority. The advantages and benefits of being an independent carrier are much the same as owner-operators.

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