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Do You Need Help Finding Reliable Trucking Companies for Cedar Rapids IA?

You’re not alone! Businesses throughout Iowa depend on local freight carriers to receive and offload products and materials. While in-house shipping is always an option, it isn’t always viable for small to mid-sized companies. Thankfully, when looking for local, trustworthy trucking companies for Cedar Rapids IA, you don’t have to search far. Stoller Trucking is the Midwest’s leading shipping company for dry van freight and non-hazardous liquid and bulk freight. Call Stoller Trucking today to learn more!

Are Shipping Services Necessary for Your Business?

If you produce or receive any amount of goods and products, you’ll likely require shipping services to some degree. While many businesses manage shipping and transportation in-house, more time, money and logistics go into managing trucks and drivers than you might expect. As such, hiring a company like Stoller can help you achieve:

  • Faster Shipping Times
    • Our truckers are well-versed in local routes, ensuring we can get your goods from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. The same can’t always be said for your “big name” trucking companies for Cedar Rapids IA.
  • Quality Service Guarantee
    • There’s no telling what you’ll get when hiring drivers not associated with trucking companies. Conversely, our drivers are rigorously screened, trained and certified. We guarantee quality service, ensuring your products are safe and secure in transit.
  • Affordable Rates
    • If handling shipping in-house, you’ll need to hire a driver and purchase the trucks, trailers and equipment necessary for moving your products and goods. However, this can be expensive for smaller to mid-sized companies. Stoller already has everything necessary for quality shipping for affordable and competitive prices.

Stoller’s History

Stoller Trucking wasn’t built in a day! In fact, Brian Stoller, owner of Stoller Trucking, began his career in the agricultural industry. However, as the need for reliable transportation of feed products grew, Brian began to invest in a few semis and tankers for hauling liquid cattle feed. By 1997, Brian officially started Stoller Trucking, which laid the groundwork for the company’s future. Now, Stoller Trucking is one of the Midwest’s preferred providers of fast, safe, local dry-van and non-hazardous liquid and bulk freight shipping. With Stoller, you can expect:

  • Trained & certified local truckers
  • A fleet of over 75 different trucks and trailers
  • Exceptional customer service and support
  • Extensive knowledge of the fastest, most direct Midwestern routes
  • Dedicated trailers and tankers for varying truckload capacities
  • Drop trailer services for convenient loading and unloading
Trucks going down highway, with drivers from Trucking Companies in Cedar Rapids IA

Hiring New Drivers!

Are you interested in a career change? Maybe you’re a driver looking for more consistent routes with better benefits and incentives. No matter your scenario, Stoller Trucking has the jobs for you! You can drive with Stoller as a company driver, owner-operator, or independent carrier. Not to mention, we offer certain employee benefits not always available with other trucking companies. Fill out a career form to learn more!

Call Stoller Today

When your shipping needs in Iowa are urgent, your business can count on the speed, experience and dependability of the best trucking companies for Cedar Rapids IA. Give Stoller Trucking a call today! If interested in shipping services or truck driver jobs, call 309-308-1630 or reach Stoller via our contact form or email: