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Can You Find Dependable Trucking Companies in Evansville IN?

What are you looking for in a trucking company? Do you want affordable and completive rates for shipping? Would you prefer your drivers to be local? How about dedicated customer service for all your freight-related questions? Understandably, finding trucking companies for Evansville IN that check off all your boxes can be challenging. Thankfully, for Indiana business owners, one name comes to mind when describing the best trucking companies: Stoller Trucking! Count on Stoller to match your transportation needs.

How Did Stoller Get Its Start?

Brian Stoller, the owner of Stoller Trucking, was initially invested in the agricultural industry, earning his degree in Ag Business. However, it wasn’t long before Brian began to see additional opportunities in the agricultural industry of his area as a need for reliable transportation of feed and produce grew. Eventually, this opportunity led to acquiring a few trucks and tankers and the establishment of Stoller Trucking in 1997. Now over 25 years old, Stoller Trucking has become the Midwest’s premier provider of dry van freight and non-hazardous liquid and bulk transportation. Local businesses count on Stoller for:

  • Trained & certified local truckers
  • A Fleet of over 75 different trucks and trailers
  • Exceptional customer service and support
  • Extensive knowledge of the fastest, most direct Midwestern routes
  • Dedicated trailers and tankers for varying truckload capacities
  • Drop trailer services for convenient loading and unloading

Do You Need Shipping Services?

A better question might be, “Can you afford to go without reliable and consistent shipping?” If you produce any amount of goods or products, you’ll likely require transportation to some degree. And while it’s possible to manage your own receiving and delivery, leaving shipping logistics up to trucking companies in Evansville IN might be a safer bet. Advantages of relying on freight carriers include:

  • Known Quality
    • There’s no telling what you’ll get when hiring independent drivers outside a trucking company. While there are plenty of skilled independent drivers, just as many aren’t. As such, companies like Stoller do extensive screening before selecting our drivers and encourage further training and certifications for anyone that works with us, independent or not.
  • Less Risk
    • What sort of equipment is necessary for your products? How do you properly secure a truckload? Can you guarantee your drivers always use the most direct routes? Without being well-versed in trucking and transportation, there’s a significant risk to shipping without professional guidance. Hiring Stoller can eliminate that risk.
  • Cost Savings
    • If you still wish to keep transportation for your business in-house, consider some of the costs associated with shipping. Reliable delivery means you must have skilled drivers, quality trucks, large enough trailers, and the latest equipment for loading, unloading and securing truckloads. For small to mid-sized businesses, in-house shipping might be too big of an investment. If wishing to save on shipping, Stoller Trucking offers our services for affordable, flexible and competitive rates.
A driver on the road, working for Trucking Companies in Evansville IN

Looking for a Job?

You’re in luck! Stoller Trucking has the perfect trucking jobs for drivers of all skill levels. If you’re just starting your trucking career, receive support and guidance as a company driver. Or, if you’re a veteran trucker and prefer your independence, you can work with Stoller as an owner-operator or independent carrier. Additionally, Stoller strives to offer excellent benefits and incentives not always available at similar trucking companies. If interested in a job with Stoller, fill out a career form!

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When deciding on your business’s shipping needs, choose the most affordable, reliable, and friendly trucking companies in Evansville IN. Pick the expert freight carriers at Stoller Trucking today! To learn more about our transportation services or available trucking jobs, call 309-308-1630 or contact us via our contact form or email: