Freight Shipping Kenosha WI

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What Companies Can Provide Freight Shipping in Kenosha WI?

From small toys and electronics to large industrial equipment and machinery, businesses deliver thousands of different products and goods daily. With the sheer volume and quantity of said goods, finding the right trucking companies and transportation services to keep up can be challenging! Thankfully, when it comes to freight shipping in Kenosha WI and throughout the Midwest, no one supplies faster and more affordable service than Stoller Trucking LLC.

Why Consider Freight Shipping?

As an individual, you’ll likely never require freight shipping for the standard products and goods delivered to your home. However, only trucking companies like Stoller Trucking can assist businesses in delivering large-sized products or significant quantities of goods. Thanks to the dry van transportation services provided by Stoller, our clients can take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Faster Delivery Times
    • Hiring local drivers and being primarily based out of the Midwest means Stoller has the advantage when providing trucking services for this area of the country. Our drivers are highly skilled and know the best local routes, ensuring they consistently achieve their delivery on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Safe & Secure Goods
    • At Stoller, we use top-of-the-line dry van trailers to complete our freight shipping routes. Our 53-foot dry van trailers are fully enclosed, helping keep inside goods safe from outside factors such as rain, ice, wind, etc. Moreover, our trailers are durable and tightly secured, preventing would-be thieves from getting close to your goods.
  • Plenty of Delivery Options
    • When it comes to shipping and delivery, Stoller Trucking understands there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution. For this reason, we implement varying capacity options when selecting our dry van delivery services. Our clients can choose to deliver full truckload (FTL), partial truckload, and less than truckload (LTL).
  • Versatile Shipping
    • Concerned over what can be carried via freight shipping services? Good news, there’s little that dry vans can’t carry! Any non-perishable goods (that are properly packaged) can be transported thanks to Stoller Trucking’s dry van and general freight delivery. Such goods include food & drink (unrefrigerated), furniture, equipment, clothes, retail goods, electronics, and more.

Try Our Bulk Freight Shipping

If your goods aren’t individually packaged, finding appropriate shipping can be more challenging. Bulk products like grain, cattle feed, milk, etc., are more easily transported via non-hazardous, stainless steel tankers. Thankfully, Stoller Trucking’s freight shipping for Kenosha WI isn’t limited to just dry vans! Stoller Trucking can happily oblige if you require additional transportation services for your liquid/bulk products.

Trucks on a busy highway for Freight Shipping in Kenosha WI

Find a Career with Stoller

If you’re more interested in finding a job in freight shipping rather than requesting Stoller’s services, we’re always looking for new drivers to join our crew! Stoller Trucking employs local drivers of all experience levels, as we are willing to help interested drivers earn their Commercial Drivers Licenses and appropriate certifications. Depending on your preferences, you can work directly with Stoller as a company driver. Otherwise, we work with independent carriers and owner-operators looking for reliable, high-compensation Midwestern routes.

Call Stoller Trucking

Whether you require freight shipping in Kenosha WI or anywhere throughout the Midwest, no other trucking company provides faster, more reliable and more affordable service than the experts at Stoller Trucking LLC. To learn more about our shipping/delivery services or if interested in our careers, call 309-308-1633 or fill out an online form.