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Find the Best Truck Driver Jobs in Grand Rapids MI

If looking to start or continue your career as a truck driver, you ought to find a local trucking company that can support your professional endeavors. Trucking companies that offer flexible scheduling, great benefits and quality routes are in high demand! Thankfully, if you are looking for truck driver jobs for Grand Rapids MI and throughout the Midwest, one company stands out as the best place to go for new and experienced truck drivers: Stoller Trucking! Call today or fill out our career form to learn more.

Why Pursue a Trucking Career?

Trucking isn’t a job for everyone. However, for those who prefer a profession more unique than your typical “office job,” truck driving might interest you. Not to mention, truck driving is a profession that anyone can be a part of! Some of what drivers find so great about their trucking careers include:

  • Easy to Start – Although it takes training and certification to earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), the process is faster (and more affordable) than receiving a higher education. After a minimum of seven weeks of training, you’ll be ready to start hauling your first load!
  • Financially Stable – Truck drivers are paid well for their hard work! Starting pay for new drivers begins at an average of 70K per year, with plenty of room for growth. Additionally, with companies like Stoller Trucking, you receive excellent perks like insurance coverage, sign-on bonuses and more.
  • Plenty of Work – There’s no shortage of jobs available for truck drivers. Not to mention, companies like Stoller are always looking for new and dedicated drivers. Between an abundance of routes and a need for more drivers, truck driving offers excellent job security.
  • Options for Independence – Depending on the type of driver you are, you have more freedom to choose your routes and schedules. As owner-operators or independent carriers, truck drivers can be their own bosses!
  • Explore the Country – Truck driving gives individuals the opportunity to visit places in our country they’ve never seen before. Beautiful vistas, iconic landmarks and breathtaking sights await you in your career as a truck driver.

Working with Stoller

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At Stoller Trucking, we strive to offer our drivers flexibility in their choice of truck driver jobs for Grand Rapids MI. Whether you prefer the pre-organized nature of company driving or the freedom of independent driving, Stoller has the perfect job opportunities for you.

  • Company Drivers – As a company driver, you work directly for Stoller. Our company drivers receive new and up-to-date trucks, trailers and equipment, with maintenance covered by our Stoller body shop. Furthermore, our company drivers have their routes assigned and scheduled by our dispatch team and are offered excellent benefits like health, dental and vision insurance.
  • Independent Drivers – If you don’t wish to work for Stoller, you can work with us instead! We offer high-compensation routes and additional benefits to our owner-operators and independent carriers. As an independent driver, you are in charge of your trucks, equipment, routes, and schedule. And if you lack proper trucking authority, you can operate under Stoller’s authority.

Discuss Career Options with Stoller

To get your trucking career started off right, find great truck driver jobs in Grand Rapids MI with Stoller Trucking! Learn more about our career opportunities by contacting us at 309-308-1630 or via our contact form or email: Apply for a job with Stoller Trucking!