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Be Proud of Your Career: Select from the Best Truck Driving Jobs in Cedar Rapids IA

No matter your job or the industry you work in, finding a job with friendly coworkers and managers, excellent compensation, great benefits, and flexible scheduling is a must for anyone. Unfortunately, not every career or profession can meet an employee’s needs. As such, Stoller Trucking strives to provide more for our drivers. We set ourselves apart from other trucking companies in Iowa, creating the best work environment with compensation and benefits that are hard to find in our industry. Count on Stoller Trucking and our excellent truck driving jobs for Cedar Rapids IA.

Freight Transport with Stoller

When working with Stoller Trucking, our drivers are trained and certified to manage all general and liquid/bulk freight loads. Each type of load requires specialized training for safe and secure transport across state lines. Whether you’re new to trucking or an experienced driver, Stoller ensures you have the proper training for managing the transportation needs of our clients.

  • General Freight – Also known as dry van shipping, general freight encompasses most consumer goods that are non-perishable in nature. This includes food/drink, clothing, vehicles, parts/components, commercial equipment, electronics, construction materials, and more.
  • Liquid/Bulk Freight – Liquid and bulk freight are more challenging to transport than general freight. Training for hauling tanker trailers is necessary for successfully transporting non-hazardous liquids and commercial products/materials. Bulk and liquid freight cover gravel, sand, concrete, feed, water, grain, alcohol, and more.

Available Driver Jobs

Stoller Trucking is always seeking fresh or experienced talent in the trucking and transport industry! We strive to create a tight-knit driving team whose quality and experience far exceed drivers of other local and national companies. In doing so, we allow our drivers their choice of career path, working with Stoller as company drivers, owner-operators or independent carriers.

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  • Company Drivers – Driving with Stoller as a company driver affords you high-quality trucks and equipment supplied by Stoller and expanded benefits, including health, dental, vision and life insurance. Our dispatch team works with you to develop a reliable and flexible schedule so you always have work and receive consistent weekly pay. Additionally, we help new drivers with various training and certifications.
  • Owner-Operators – If you prefer the freedom of choice as a professional driver, contracting with Stoller as an owner-operator is the best career path for you. Owner-operators are responsible for supplying and maintaining their trucks and equipment. Furthermore, owner-operators get to select their loads and routes, effectively setting their own schedule. The payout for owner-operator contracts is greater than working as a company driver to compensate for additional operating costs.
  • Independent Carriers – As an independent carrier, you have the same freedom and control as an owner-operator. However, the one major difference is independent carriers lack trucking authority. Without trucking authority, you cannot legally transport large loads across state lines for compensation. However, by contracting with Stoller, you work under our trucking authority and save time and money working toward your own.

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Ensure you get the most out of truck driving jobs in Cedar Rapids IA when employed under one of the best trucking companies in the Midwest: Stoller Trucking. To learn more about our company or additional employment opportunities, contact us today at 309-308-1630. Or, reach out via our contact form or email: