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What Can You Expect from Trucking Companies for Ann Arbor MI?

When searching for trucking companies in Ann Arbor MI, you want dedicated professionals who are intimately familiar with local routes and can quickly and safely transport your essential cargo. Sometimes, finding companies that fit this bill can be challenging! As such, Stoller Trucking offers exceptional local trucking services for companies in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. Allow your business’s shipping to be handled by the experts at Stoller!

Do You Need a Trucking Company?

Whether needing assistance transporting products out or receiving goods at your facility, freight carriers and trucking companies are essential to this process. Without a trucking company, you risk delays in shipping, damaged goods, unexpected costs/fees, and more! Conversely, when hiring Stoller Trucking, your business can expect:

  • Competitive & Flexible Pricing – When managing shipping for your business in-house, you’ll need to hire a driver, purchase a truck/trailer, acquire necessary equipment, etc. Overall, this can cost you significantly more than hiring a trucking company to manage your product transportation. Additionally, Stoller’s transportation services are competitively priced, so you can be confident you’re always getting the best rate for shipping.
  • Experience & Care – Safe and careful shipping is only possible with experienced truckers using the right equipment. Thankfully, Stoller Trucking has both in abundance! We only hire skilled drivers and provide extra training and certification for hauling specialized bulk freight or liquid tanker loads.
  • Local Drivers – While some “bigger name” trucking companies near Ann Arbor MI can offer adequate shipping services, there’s more risk when hiring non-local companies for local shipping routes. On the other hand, Stoller Trucking has spent the last 25-plus years serving businesses throughout the Midwest. Our drivers are intimately familiar with the fastest routes across Michigan and the surrounding states.

What Can We Haul?

At Stoller Trucking, we have over 75 different kinds of trucks, with your standard dry-van trailers and specialized liquid and bulk tankers. Anything non-hazardous or non-perishable, we have the ability to transport anywhere in the Midwest. Our shipping services include:

  • Dry Van & General Freight – We have dry van trailers of varying sizes for all types of loads, with our newer 53-foot van trailers being our largest. With varying capacity options for dry freight truckloads, we also offer drop trailer services for loading and unloading at the shipper’s and receiver’s convenience.
  • Non-Hazardous Liquid Tanker – Our stainless-steel tankers are equipped with pumps and hoses to allow for quick unloading of liquid and bulk products. Additionally, our dedicated trailers ensure previous products don’t contaminate bulk products between loads.
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Now Hiring!

Stoller Trucking is always looking for new drivers to join our big Midwestern family! Whether as a company driver, owner-operator or independent carrier, we have the high-compensation routes you seek. We also offer excellent benefits and incentives for all our drivers. Fill out an employment form to learn more!

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When searching for reliable, dedicated, local trucking companies for Ann Arbor MI, Michigan businesses count on Stoller Trucking’s expertise! To learn more about our shipping services, or ask about our truck driver jobs, call us today at 309-308-1630 or via our contact form or email: