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Leave Your Shipping Needs to Expert Trucking Companies in Michigan

With an infrastructure system heavily reliant on highways and interstates, it’s no wonder how truck driving became crucial to the United States economy. Truck drivers help deliver the goods and materials consumers and businesses need to succeed. As such, when your business requires help with shipping, you want truck drivers you can count on! And when it comes to the best trucking companies for Michigan, few can compare to Stoller Trucking.

Choosing the Right Trucking Company

Managing your company’s shipping and delivery capabilities can be challenging. Furthermore, if hiring in-house drivers or truckers independent of trucking companies, who knows what quality or experience to expect? For these reasons, Michigan businesses count on trucking companies like Stoller to provide exceptional service for competitive prices.

  • Highly-Trained & Certified
    • Unfortunately, hiring individual drivers, separate from trucking companies, can sometimes be risky. Not only is it harder to vet these types of truckers for their quality or experience, but they also lack a larger organization’s support if something goes wrong. Conversely, Stoller Trucking ensures our drivers are trained and certified to manage all types of dry van or non-hazardous liquid/bulk freight.
  • Local Drivers
    • If your long-haul needs shipments to go from one end of the country to another, plenty of national trucking companies can assist. However, hiring a local trucking company like Stoller is your best option if your business needs shipping and delivery throughout the Midwest. Local companies understand area highways and infrastructure, able to find the shortest and safest route possible to their destination.
  • Competitive, Affordable Rates
    • Managing shipping and delivery in-house involves more expenses than you might first expect. From hiring and training drivers to purchasing and maintaining equipment, costs for trucking can seem endless. That’s why many business owners prefer trucking companies in Michigan to keep shipping costs manageable. Additionally, with Stoller, you know you’re always getting the best rate for your route as we stay competitive in our pricing.

What We Transport

At Stoller Trucking, we possess over 75 unique trucks and trailers and partner with dozens more independent carriers to manage Midwestern businesses’ dry van and bulk freight needs. As such, our transportation services include:

  • Dry Van & General Freight – Using the latest 53-foot dry van trailers, we provide anywhere from maximum capacity loads to partial deliveries. Plus, our drop trailer services ensure greater ease and convenience for our clients as we deliver and drop off the trailers directly at your desired location. Dry van shipping covers the delivery of clothes, electronics, furniture, equipment, materials, and non-perishable goods.
  • Non-Hazardous Liquid Tanker – For raw materials and bulk product deliveries, tanker trucks are your best friend! Our dedicated, stainless-steel tankers use pumps and hoses to ensure easy loading/unloading of your delivery and no cross-contamination between loads. Non-hazardous liquid/bulk shipping covers the delivery of water, milk, sand, grain, fertilizer, and other non-hazardous materials.
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Looking for a Job?

Why not consider a career in truck driving? Stoller Trucking always looks for new or experienced drivers to join our trucker family. We hire company drivers that work directly with Stoller or can contract work via our independent carriers and owner-operators. No matter how you wish to work with Stoller, we supply incredible benefits and incentives you can’t always find with other trucking companies. Apply with Stoller Trucking today!

Call Our Team

When looking to support your business’s local shipping and transportation needs, count on one of the best trucking companies for Michigan: Stoller Trucking. To learn more about our shipping services or job opportunities, contact us today at 309-308-1630 or via contact form or email: