Freight Shipping Springfield IL

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Enjoy Low Rates for Freight Shipping in Springfield IL

Stoller Trucking offers great prices, on-time deliveries, and reliable service when your company requires freight shipping in Springfield IL. Your business can ship bulk freight, general freight, food grade products, or feed grade products to any location in the continental 48 states with us. We specialize in bulk transport, non-toxic liquid tanker trucking, dry van trucking, and general freight trucking services. Plus, we ensure your products remain of the finest quality by using dedicated trailers to avoid cross contamination. Also, we can haul up to 45,000 pounds in a single truckload, saving you money compared to transporting the same amount of goods with multiple shipments. Contact us today to request a free freight quote or get more information about our services.

Freight Shipping Springfield IL

Does Your Business Need Dry Van Freight Shipping?

If you need transport of general freight or dry goods, Stoller Trucking can help with dry van freight shipping in Springfield IL. We use enclosed trailers that keep your cargo protected from damage due to exposure to moisture or extreme hot or cold temperatures. As a result, you can rest assured your freight will reach its destination in peak quality. In addition, we use dedicated trailers designated to transport either kosher or non-kosher products, eliminating the chance of cross contamination. Products we most commonly haul with our dry van trucking services include industrial parts, electronics, construction materials, heavy machinery, consumer goods, and clothing.

Are You Looking for Non-Toxic Liquid Freight Shipping?

Stoller Trucking also provides a fleet of tanker trucks that are ready to handle your needs for non-hazardous liquid freight shipping in Springfield IL. Our tankers include pumps, hoses, and other tools that offer fast and simple loading and unloading of your liquid products. Our commercial clients often use our tankers to haul milk, beverages, and other non-toxic liquids along the Midwest and across the country. Plus, you always receive pros with all the necessary tanker truck driving certifications to provide secure, dependable, and timely delivery of your liquid cargo with Stoller.

Searching for Bulk Freight Shipping Solutions?

Stoller Trucking also can haul large quantities of goods from your company to its destination with bulk freight shipping in Springfield IL. Our team can handle the transport of both dry goods and non-hazardous liquids, including beverages, food, grains, packaged consumer goods, electronics, and more. We ensure you always receive driving pros with the training, certifications, and experience it takes for secure and dependable transport for your bulk goods. Contact us for any additional information you need or a free quote for bulk transport.

Freight Shipping Springfield IL

Are You Interested in Truck Driver Jobs in Springfield IL?

Stoller Trucking is always looking for candidates to fill our open truck driving jobs in Springfield IL. You can choose whether to join us as a company driver, owner operator, or independent carrier. To be considered, take a few moments to fill out our fast and easy online job application form. We consider candidates with professional driving experience and those just getting started with their truck driving careers. So, start working today toward a career in freight shipping in Illinois.

Free Quotes for Freight Shipping in Springfield IL

If your company needs reliable logistical services, count on Stoller Trucking for fast and affordable freight shipping in Springfield IL. Use our online contact form or email us at to request a free estimate. In addition, you can also reach us by calling 309-308-1630 for more information about our company or our services.