Long Haul Trucking Springfield IL

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Freight Shipping Experts for Long Haul Trucking in Springfield IL

Stoller Trucking ships food grade, feed grade, general freight, and bulk freight as a top carrier for long haul trucking in Springfield IL. Our locally owned and operated company can ship anywhere within the continental 48 states. We specialize in dry van trucking, general freight trucking, bulk transport, and non-hazardous liquid tanker trucking. Our company supports your business with access to our fleet of 75 late model tractors and 53-foot stainless steel trailers. Plus, we can haul up to 45,000 pounds of cargo in a single truckload. Our team also uses dedicated trailers to avoid cross-contamination among different freight types. Contact Stoller Trucking today to find out more about services from top freight shipping experts.

Long Haul Trucking Springfield IL

What Are the Benefits of Long Haul Trucking?

Stoller Trucking can provide all the logistical services you need with our long haul trucking in Springfield IL. Here are some of the biggest benefits your business can experience with our long haul trucking services.

  • Less Risk of Damage – Unlike other forms of transportation, long haul trucking offers direct routes and less handling points, reducing the risk that cargo will get damaged in transit.
  • Greater Control Over Shipping – Long haul trucking allows your business to track shipments and chart progress through each stage of transport. As a result, your business can make any necessary adjustments to make sure the cargo arrives at its destination on time.
  • Customizable Options – Stoller Trucking allows you to scale services to meet the needs of your business. You can choose from shipping a full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), or partial truckload. Consequently, you pay only for the services you need.
  • Quicker Delivery Times – With the ability to drive long distances without stopping, long haul truckers can deliver your freight faster than other forms of shipping. Therefore, you receive faster deliveries with fewer delays, allowing for an ideal solution for time-sensitive logistical needs.
  • Cost Management – Stoller Trucking can provide you with greater cost control by getting your cargo to its destination in the fewest trips possible. Our services allow you to save money by getting the same amount of goods shipped in fewer trips.

Why Choose Stoller for Long Haul Trucking?

Stoller Trucking offers you versatile solutions with the ability to haul both dry goods and non-toxic liquids with our long haul trucking in Springfield IL. Our company provides you with the following when you partner with us:

  • Secure and Safe Shipments – We protect your dry freight with enclose trailers that prevent product damage from exposure to the elements. Our trailers also ensure that products that are sensitive to damage from moisture, heat, or other factors stay in great condition.
  • Drop Trailer Solutions – We leave trailers at a shipper’s facility for loading and unloading at the shipper’s and receiver’s convenience.
  • The Best Equipment – We provide all the necessary hoses, pumps, and other equipment to make loading and unloading liquids as easy as possible.
  • Bulk Service Options – We save you the cost of buying individual tanks, crates, or drums. Our bulk freight shipping solutions allow you to avoid buying extra containers, saving on costs.

We Are Hiring Truck Drivers in Springfield IL

Long Haul Trucking Springfield IL

Stoller Trucking is accepting applications for available positions we have with our long haul trucking in Springfield IL. Our company will consider both experienced candidates and those just getting started in their professional driving careers. We can provide veteran drivers with greater earning potential, freedom over work schedules, or control over routes. On the other hand, rookie drivers can receive the necessary training and experience required. Plus, we offer job seekers the flexibility to choose to join our company as a company driver, independent carrier, or owner operator. In a matter of minutes, you can fill out our online application form and earn consideration!

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Stoller Trucking wants to partner with your business if you need shipping solutions like our long haul trucking in Springfield IL. We offer your business customizable shipping services that allow you to gain greater cost control. Maximize your investment in logistical service by partnering with one of the top trucking companies in Illinois. Get in touch by email now at info@stollertrucking.com, use our online contact form, or call