General Freight Trucking Kenosha WI

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Top Trucking Company for General Freight in Kenosha WI

Stoller Trucking specializes in providing custom solutions for companies requiring shipping for general freight in Kenosha WI. Our Midwest-based, family-owned company offers dry van trucking, liquid tanker trucking, general freight trucking, and bulk transport services. We offer you a fleet of 75 late-model trucks and 53-foot stainless-steel trailers capable of hauling 48,000 pounds per load. Plus, we are authorized to ship anywhere in the continental United States. When it comes to the best trucking companies in Wisconsin, Stoller Trucking offers you convenience, flexibility, and greater return on investment than other logistics providers. Contact us today through our online form or by email at to tell us about your shipping needs.

General Freight Trucking Kenosha WI

What Is General Freight Trucking?

Many companies are interested in learning more about our general freight trucking in Kenosha WI. Specifically, they want more information about the kinds of goods they can ship with us. Our company can provide transportation for both food grade and feed grade products, dry goods, non-toxic liquids, and bulk and non-bulk freight. Here are some of the most common items we transport with our general freight trucking services:

  • Textiles such as clothes
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Mechanical parts
  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer products
  • Packaged consumable goods

Why Choose Stoller Trucking for General Freight?

Since 1997, our company has earned a reputation for being a reliable carrier for services such as general freight trucking in Kenosha WI. When you choose us, you receive the following attractive benefits:

  • Custom Shipping Solutions – You can choose whether you ship a less than truckload (LTL), partial truckload, or full truckload (FTL) with us.
  • Maximum Capacity – We provide you with the ability to haul up to 48,000 pounds with a fleet of 75 trucks and 53-foot stainless-steel trailers.
  • Product Safety – We use dedicated trailers to ensure product quality remains the same from your facility to the end destination. Along the way, our precautions help to avoid cross contamination among goods being shipped.
  • Convenience – We provide all the equipment needed, including hoses and pumps, to make loading and unloading liquid products quick and easy.
  • Customer-focused Service – Stoller Trucking drivers make all our customers feel like part of the family. We stress a commitment to meeting and exceeding your needs as a reliable company for general freight trucking in Kenosha Wi.

Are You Looking for Truck Driver Jobs in Wisconsin?

Stoller Trucking is currently accepting applications for driving and non-driving positions within our company. You get the freedom to choose whether you would like to pursue a career as an owner operator, independent carrier, or company driver. Plus, we will consider all candidates, whether you have professional driving experience or not. If you are just getting started, we can help you receive the training and certifications you will need. On the other hand, we can offer you more opportunities for career growth, freedom, and control if you are an experienced driver. To get started, you can apply online using our application form. We have openings in Green Bay WI, Milwaukee WI, and Madison WI.

General Freight Trucking Kenosha WI

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Stoller Trucking is one of the most dependable carriers when your company needs general freight trucking in Kenosha WI. We provide you with services scaled to the needs of your business. Get in touch with us today through our online contact form, by email at, or by calling us at 309-308-1630.