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Trucker hauling a load of general freight in a Stoller Trucking semi

Top Carrier for General Freight Trucking in Michigan

Stoller Trucking provides reliable, on-time shipping solutions with bulk transport, dry van trucking, and general freight trucking in Michigan. We haul freight across all 48 states. In addition, our company’s 75 trucks offer the capability of hauling up to 48,000 pounds in one truckload. Also, we offer you the flexibility of the amount you ship with less than truckload (LTL), partial truckload, or full truckload (FTL) options. If you company needs transportation for food grade, feed grade, or general freight, Stoller Trucking brings you full-service solutions from one of the best trucking companies in Michigan. Get in touch with today by calling 309-308-1630 to let us know about your shipping needs!

What Goods Can We Ship?

Want to know what products are covered by our service for general freight trucking in Michigan? Okay, let’s talk a little more about our shipping solutions. We offer shipping for truckloads of a wide variety of non-bulk freight, packaged goods, and dry goods. Therefore, our general freight trucking includes transportation for the following kinds of goods:

  • Food
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Packaged Consumables
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Laptops
  • Clothing
  • Smartphones
  • Consumer products
  • Tablets

Why Choose Stoller Trucking?

We offer you more return on investment and the same shipping capabilities as more well-known and costlier national freight companies. With us, you receive full-service shipping services for general freight, bulk freight, and dry goods shipped across the United States. Consequently, we are a trusted local source for all the following shipping services:

Looking for a New Career with Truck Driving Jobs in Michigan?

Then, you can switch gears on your career path with Stoller Trucking. Simply fill out our online application form if you are interested in joining our team for general freight trucking in Michigan. We can help first-time driving professionals obtain the training and qualifications they need. Meanwhile, we always have opportunities for current driving pros to get more scheduling freedom, more earning power, or to gain more control over their routes. We have many exciting opportunities available including positions like these:

  • Company DriversStoller Trucking offers many great benefits when you choose to work directly for us. We manage and pay all the costs for the truck. As a result, you have no start-up costs, get consistent routes, earn a steady monthly income, and can enroll in company insurance and benefit plans.
  • Owner OperatorsTruck owners can enjoy earning more income, exerting more control over where they drive, and get the freedom of choosing their own 5-day work schedule.
  • Independent CarriersIndependent carriers can pick trucks they would like to drive, loads they want to take, and routes that interest them.
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Stoller Trucking can handle all your shipping needs with our bulk transport, dry van trucking, and general freight trucking in Michigan. Email us today at or fill out our contact form online to tell us what you need to be shipped today. Also, you can get in touch by calling our team at 309-308-1630.